Chew on Your Words Before You Spit Them Out!!!

Hello friends!!

With my first book “Affirm Fitness” being released, I wanted to take a moment to discuss accountability for our words and remind everyone to “chew on your words” before you spit them out. Oftentimes we react without taking a moment to contemplate the gravity of our words. Are your words helping to build others […]

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Live Your Life on the Edge!

Are you doing the same thing everyday-expecting something different to happen? Unhappy with the direction of your life, relationships, career, etc…? You have to live life on the edge!! Embrace change and overcome your fears, whether it be of standing on a rooftop, or speaking to someone with whom you have conflict. Living life in […]

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Pilot Your Own Life

Be the pilot of your plane called Life!! Stay in your lane, stop comparing yourself to others. When you shift focus from what you don’t have to being grateful for what you DO have, your entire perception changes, and allows us to be free to enjoy life on your own terms.

** On a side note… […]

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Create Your Own “Buzzwords” for Life!!!

Hi Friends!! Checking in with you from BUZZWORDS. What words do you find yourself using in your daily (even hourly!!) vocabulary? The words we use regularly can affect how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. By becoming aware of what we tell ourselves-words such as “can’t” and “won’t”, negative self talk, and […]

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